Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Closed mind always wants to protect its right to be closed

Some insights from Deepak Chopra on how to open your mind:
clipped from www.sfgate.com

1. Stop believing that you're right. Examine the compulsion that forces you to be right all the time.

2. Don't make every argument us versus them.

3. Be less attached to winning and more attached to the truth.

4. Don't color every issue with morality. Right and wrong are generally useless when it comes to finding creative solutions.

5. Write down the five fundamental beliefs that guide your life. Now write down the best arguments against those beliefs.

6. When you are the most emotional about any issue, assume that you are blinding yourself. An open mind is calm, centered, flexible, and tolerant of opposing views.

7. When you are thinking of saying an idea that you know came from someone else, let go of it.

8. Most people either automatically agree or automatically disagree. Examine this trait in yourself and give it up.

9. Be aware of how you feel before you speak. Feelings are closer to the truth than words.

10. Walk in someone else's shoes before you judge them.

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  1. All said and done ... Good and Evil can in no way be related to the Smart and Dumb except as genuine goodness being 'the genuine smart' and and perfect evil being the'the perfect dumb' .. that in the last analysis or last of the acts!!

    And - the presently commonly appreciated smart and dumb seem to refer themselves to the evil and the good respectively ... but that I think is only till the first half or three quarters of the human act/ play... !!

    To Do Good to Others is Merit
    To be bad or mean to others is the Demerit.

    Swami Vivekananada the Indian Philosopher has talked about human action as always being either 'good' or 'evil' and that there is no human act that can be termed 'Neutral' or 'amoral'. ..
    An 'immoral act towards others' seems to go termed as 'amoral' these days ... 'sstreet smart or worldly wisdom etc... This is most certainly an 'untruth' that needs to be objected to..

    Bangalore India