Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Will Astrology: Horoscopes for week of February 26, 2009

I always get two horoscopes because I'm on the cusp.

Or is that the brink?

An American residing in Berlin had leukemia as well as AIDS. Doctors did a bone marrow transplant to cure the leukemia, obtaining stem cells from a healthy donor. The operation was a success -- the leukemia disappeared. As an added and surprising bonus, the HIV also left the patient's body. He has been free of both diseases for two years. I predict a psychological version of this double cure for you in the coming weeks, Leo. The healing you receive for one type of suffering will unexpectedly heal another kind, too.

There's a rung missing on your ladder of success. I suppose you could see that as a problem. It means you won't be able to climb higher by taking two manageable steps, but will be compelled to attempt a giant upward stride. I see this as potentially a good thing, though. The missing rung is exactly the kind of glitch that could activate your dormant reserves of ingenuity. It might even force you to become so smart and resourceful that you'll ultimately rise to a point you wouldn't have been able to if your ascent had come more easily.

Dual healing, dormant reserves of ingenuity, and difficult ascents. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered for these disturbing times.

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